Colorado Aerial Photography & Videography


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-Property / Inspection / Real Estate
-Sports and Events Videography
-Planning Permission
-3D Photogrammetry
-Corporate Marketing
-Surveillance and Private Investigation
-Media / News Gathering
-Other Commercial Photography / Videography
-Wedding Photography
-Resort and Hotel Advertising
-Construction Filming / Aerial Oversight / Structural & Pipeline Inspections
-Feature Filmmaking / YouTube Video Production
-Search and Rescue
-Sales / Demo
-Wildlife / Conservation / Environmental Regulation and Compliance

Contact us about any project you have and we can talk about solutions. Drone applications are constantly expanding, what is possible is growing every day!


Our Drones

DJI drones are currently used in the Aerial Filming. The drones can stay in the air for around twenty minutes, but we have backup batteries to extend the flight time.

Flight Safety and Planning

Safety is important. High quality equipment is utilized and every drone goes through a pre-flight check.

Flight Rules

  • Must maintain Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) (Spotters can be used to extend range)
  • Cannot operate over non-participating individuals (Requires Waivers of Participation)
  • Daylight and twilight operations available
  • Maximum altitude of 400ft
  • Minimum weather visibility of 3 miles
  • Can’t operate from a moving vehicle

Call us and we can decide what will best work for your needs. Please inform us of any and all shots or we cannot guarantee enough battery life to capture everything.


Weather is a challenge in Colorado, Garnet Aerials holds no liability for inclement or rapidly changing weather. We suggest planning operations over two days to make sure weather is not a factor.

The Pilot Makes the Final Call

If the pilot decides a shoot is unsafe or  unreasonable the flight may be cancelled.

Photo & Video Editing

Editing services are available and will be worked out ahead of the shoot. We use professional licensed software to perform film cuts, color correction, audio, text, property outlines, etc. We cannot be held liable for any losses due to our editing abilities. All illustrations are approximate and may be inaccurate.

Video & Image Rights

The client is the intended recipient of the footage and retains usage rights. Garnet Aerials is allowed to use your footage for marketing and promotion. A request must be placed for the footage to not be used in marketing and be put in writing prior to operating.

Payment Terms

Payment is due 14 days after invoicing (unless agreed otherwise.) Payments that are late will incur an additional 10% charge per month.



What weather conditions can you fly in?
The drones can’t be flown in wet weather and also winds greater than around 25 mph.

How long can you fly for?
Around 20 minutes per battery.

How much does it cost?
Costs will vary by job, please email for info.

Can you fly over an event with people below?
Please email for info.

Is it safe?
Safety is important and taken seriously. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure safety.

Can you fly indoors?

Can you shoot 4K?

Can you stream a feed?
Yes, please email for info.

Do you have a blog?
See Here

If there’s anything else you need answering, drop us an email!

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